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Trainer Downloads

Trainer General Information and Papers

Trainer© Simulator Instructor Module Outline - Contents of the instructor's module PowerPoint presentations.

Simulator For Effective Teaching Of Fired Heater Operating Principles - The Aztec Engineering Trainer © Process Heater Simulator functions exactly like a fired process heater.  When one control device is adjusted all of the heater operating parameters change accordingly.

Elevated Dew Points in SO3 Bearing Stack Gases - Efforts to increase efficiency reduce fired heaters' "stack" temperatures.  If SO3 is present in the stack gases, then the "dew point" will be much higher than the water vapor dew point. Low sulfur fuels reduce the quantity of SO3 present, but even very low SO3 levels can raise the dew point by over 100 F. If the dew point occurs within the furnace structure, severe sulfuric acid corrosion will occur.

Next Generation Burner Technology - Cracking Furnaces - Overview of next generation burner technologies for ethylene cracking furnaces.

Trainer© Simulator Training Aids - Documents provided primarily to assist the new user or assist in the evaluation of the free demonstration simulator.
Trainer Installation Downloads - Registration Required

Trainer©Simulator Installation Instructions- License agreement and specific download and installation instructions.

2014- Download Trainer.msi simulator installation file.


Aztec Combustion Calculator (Including SO3) - The Aztec Engineering Combustion Calculator provides fuel heating value, required combustion air, combustion products, adiabatic flame temperature, SO3 content in combustion products, SO3 dew point temperature and NOx emissions

Trainer Classroom Lessons - Registration Required

Trainer© Simulator Instructor's Manuals  - Downloadable instructor's manuals for the PowerPoint class room presentations.

Trainer Software Description - Registration Required

Trainer©Simulator Operating Instructions - Describes the use of all simulator features.