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Simulator Training Aids

Trainer© Simulator Guide For Power Point Presentations
This document is not intended to demonstrate all of the features of the Trainer© Heater Simulator. For a complete description of all features see “Trainer Simulator Operation Instructions” that can be downloaded from the Aztec web site as a PDF file or “click” on "Introduction to Trainer Features” on the window that appears in the simulator when initially Started. This document provides a brief guide of how the simulator is used with any PowerPoint presentation in a classroom instructional situation.

Trainer© Simulator Guide For Pre-heated Air Operation
This document provides a brief guide of how the simulator is used to provide demonstrations of FD/ID operations with pre-heated air.

Simulator For Effective Teaching Of Fired Heater Operating Principles - The Aztec Engineering Trainer © Process Heater Simulator functions exactly like a fired process heater.  When one control device is adjusted all of the heater operating parameters change accordingly.

Trainer©Simulator Operating Instructions - Describes the use of all simulator features.

Heater Inspection and Draft
This is a 20 slide presentation that discusses safetly approaching a fired, inspection of the heater, draft, heater tramp air leakage and proper excess air adjustment. This update is included in Trainer 2014.. See a detailed description of the update.