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Engineering Services


Aztec Engineering provides services to assist in achieving improved fired equipment efficiency, reduction of NOx emissions and safe operation of the fired equipment. Forms of assistance include evaluation of the fired equipment to determine the maximum achievable NOx emission reduction, determination of the optimum reduction system and evaluation of the suitability of ultra low NOx burners. Other specific activities may include equipment specification for projects, technical evaluation of vendor bids, development of test procedures or review of vendor supplied test procedures. 

Efficiency And Emissions Management Workshops

Aztec provides one, two and three day workshops that provide unit engineers, environmental engineers and technical managers with an in depth understanding of the factors that impact process heating efficiencies and air emissions. Richard Martin is a certified Department of Energy PHAST Specialist and Senior Instructor.

 Expert Witness

Aztec provides expert witness services. These services have been provided for burner patent infringement, environmental violations, non-compliance with specifications, ultra low NOx burner design, and heater explosions


Safety Training

AZTEC provides in-plant training that emphasizes the safe efficient operation of fired heaters and ultra low NOx burners. The training sessions are built around the TRAINER Heater Simulator. Operating parameters including weather conditions can be changed to create unsafe operating conditions. The simulator is used to demonstrate actions required to correct the situation and show the changes in heater operation and potential safety issues that occur as the corrections are made.